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Cheap Price Favorable Street Projectors for Sale

Street projectors are very common these days. There are many tall buildings, small towers, billboards, and other big street objects that use street projectors.

The new street projectors are with LED lights. LED lights has made them even more popular. The reason is that these lights have a low energy consumption and they have a satisfactory brightness.

Street projectors are also compatible with solar power technology. It is the cleanest and efficient kind of energy for electronic devices.

street projectors
The body of street projectors

The body of street projectors

New street projectors have a very strong but a light body. The body is all aluminum. Aluminum has many benefits. It is cheap and makes the price of the final product more reasonable.

It is also widely available which makes it have reasonable price, too. Aluminum is flexible and can turn to different shapes as needed in the manufacturing process.

The other interesting feature of aluminum is that it keeps the lights cool. It excretes the possible heat from the lights and let them have a longer lifespan.

The body of projectors have the standard of IP65. It is waterproof, dustproof, and other environment elements. The street projectors are in open spaces and therefore need to have this standard.

There are locations with a lot of rainfall or wind. Both water and dust are killers of electronic devices. these projectors are no exception. Therefore, having this standard is necessary for them.

street projectors
LED lights help with the electricity bill

LED lights help with the electricity bill

LED lights are economical in different aspects. They are especially energy saving. They save more than seventy percent energy. Street projector need to be on for many hours. However, with this amount of energy efficiency it is not problem.

LED lights has other interesting features, too. They have a very long lifespan. They work at least for thirty thousand hours which means more than three years. In all these years the luminosity loss will be so little.

Street projectors with LED lights are luminous. That is probably the most important feature for a street projector to have. They are very bright and visible from long distances.

street projectors
Solar powered street projectors

Solar powered street projectors

It is possible to add a solar system to projectors. Solar power is all free and available. It is one of the unending sources of energy on earth.

The solar powered projectors make them even more economical. the reason is that solar power is free and therefore there is no need to be worry of electricity consumption.

The provided batteries of solar street projectors can keep the lights on for at least three days. This is important because there is no sunshine at night and the lights need to be on then.

Solar powered electronic devices are helping with global warming. Burning fossil fuels to produce electricity means having warmer earth which results in many problems.

Solar source for electricity is clean. It does not make the earth warm or the air polluted. Having a solar power electronic device like street projectors means having a better earth.

street projectors
Compatible with eyes and new technologies

Compatible with eyes and new technologies

UV rays are very harmful for eyes. The old kind of lights for street projectors have UV rays. Looking at lights with this ray will eventually hurt the eyes. LED lights on projectors have no UV rays.

Another problem that UV rays make for lights is that they attract insects. Small flying insects are the result of many burn outs for lights. therefore, having no UV rays means having no insects around the lights.

LED street projectors are compatible with smart switches. This device helps with wireless control of the lights through smart phones.

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