LED major manufacturers and distributor

The LED major manufacturers and distributor in Iran are several companies and factories and their products  are cheaper and better than small purchases. Some LEDs do not have driver lamps. LED bulb consumption is very low, and  it is made according to technology.The ceiling led bulb is used more for outdoor lighting. For more information on LED bulb distribution Stay with us until the end.

LED major manufacturers and distributor

Top brands of LED lights in the domestic market

Top brands of LED lights in the domestic market

With the increase in the price of LED lamps and the increasing profit of these lamps, many individuals and companies have started importing and selling lighting products.

Naturally, this multiplicity of brands will confuse consumers in choosing and buying a product. So we decided to compile and publish a list of lighting product companies to help guide and compare between different brands.

1. Afratab Electronic Industries Company was established in the year 2, to produce electronic and telecommunication products. Afratab technical teams have been selected from engineers with exceptional creativity, high skill and determination to obtain customer satisfaction. In the past year, the production line of small-size light bulbs was launched using German SMD technology. Improvements in the lighting industry have always been part of Afratab’s goals, and this process continues with the production of low power lamps for the Ministry of Energy, equipping and commissioning of the second and third production lines, designing and manufacturing of solar park lights, and the production of LED lamps and lamps. .

2. Pars Shoa Toos Company as one of the largest manufacturers of all kinds of fluorescent and LED lamps, with superior technical knowledge and advanced equipment, machines, laboratory and quality controllers. And international attention in this field has been able to deliver higher quality and environmentally friendly products.

Products: All kinds of LED lamps, indoor and outdoor lights, miniature auto key, portable sockets, electric glue and …

3. Hope Phenomenon is one of the first manufacturers of light bulbs in Iran. The company started operating from year 2. Its primary productions were CFL lamps, electronic ballasts and FPL frames.

In the year 3, LED lamps were added to the company’s product portfolio.

The characteristics of this brand are good quality and reasonable price.

4. Pars Shahab lamp company with nearly 5 years of experience seeking to meet the needs of customers, relying on the ability and talent of young people, step on the way to produce all kinds of lamps and keep up with the latest technology with the latest technical knowledge, continuous quality improvement. And customer satisfaction.

5. The EDC Company started its work in the field of Electrical Appliances from the year 5 as Electro Peasant. Over the years, the electro-peasant has expanded into the lighting industry. For the first time since 2014, Electro Peasant has launched the EDC brand to provide quality ground led lights products. More than 5 items under this brand have been launched in the Iranian market over the past 5 years.

6. Sahand Ava Company is one of the first manufacturers of light bulbs and electronic ballasts for light bulbs in Iran.

Ava has taken significant steps to optimize energy consumption in the country by supplying millions of flame retardants and in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy.

The company is now partnering with successful executives in the lamp and electronics industry, employing specialized and experienced forces with advanced manufacturing capabilities, including automated, semi-automatic assembly lines, intelligent metering devices, equipped laboratories and modern continuous effort quality control. It is moving forward with the development of this industry.

7.Runak is one of the original Iranian words and its literal meaning in the Kurdish language means concepts such as brightness, clarity, clarity and pure. Ronak Lighting Development Company was established as one of the leading organizations in the field of producing low-power lamps and LEDs as well as providing lighting equipment.

Products: A variety of LED lamps, panels, led projector lights, street lamps and smart lamps.

8. Sustainable Lighting Equipment Development Company to develop and utilize the latest technology in the lighting industry, LED, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and increasing its productivity, in the form of a variety of lamps and lighting fixtures Brooks provides the consumer. LED technology, as the latest human achievement in the field of lighting production, has gained a special place in this field due to its acceptable sustainability, high efficiency and environmental protection. In order to achieve the goal of managing and reducing energy consumption in our beloved country, the company has focused on the LED field through its traditional lighting technologies.

9.Solid Industrial Group, with many years of experience in manufacturing and manufacturing industrial components for various manufacturing industries, including automotive. Unfortunately, due to poor production conditions in Iran, electricity and electronics appliances have been forced to set up production lines for KARAMX brand lamps abroad.

We will do our best to move our production lines to Iran in the shortest possible time, and we can make a small contribution to employment, entrepreneurship, growth and development of our country, as it is now in all of the healthy industrial units. We’ve taken the step. May the efforts and efforts of the youth of our land so that we may seek the sustained development of our country in favor of God the Almighty and eradicate the roots of poverty and unemployment from our country.

Export LED lights with top grade packaging

Today, people use a variety of led lamps to illuminate the home and other environments. The most significant advantage of these products is their higher light, lower power consumption and longer life than conventional lamps. The price of all kinds of LED lights is very affordable and affordable for the major buyer. Wholesale makes a lot of profit. For many years, advanced countries have replaced these products with conventional, old-fashioned bulbs.

 The special sales of smd lamps and ceiling lamps at product prices have attracted more customers and more sales of these dealers and malls. The wholesale purchase is a very affordable and affordable product.Some specialty electrical stores sell most of the products in a short period of time; and for good. Buying directly from the factory is the best option for the consumer.

Dealers and sales centers with good quality Edison lamp and SMD tape lamp have been able to meet the needs of the consumer. Manufacturing in different models and sizes and according to the needs of the consumer has brought customer satisfaction.Today, the market for these artifacts is booming. In addition to Iran, many countries use high-quality products; this way they save energy.

When purchasing, the customer first buys the day price list of all kinds of LED lamps and candle stand lamps, then compares prices to buy their ideal product. Prices are changing daily. Market volatility and the price of raw materials and components used to make these electrical artifacts play a key role in their pricing. Buying directly from the factory directly and indirectly makes it a convenient and affordable purchase.The presence of first-rate LED lamp vendors  provides the grounds for faster and easier consumer purchases.

In Iran, led lights suppliers are the most active exporters of this type of lamp and offer the most desirable product. These manufacturers export to other countries in addition to the bulk sales of various lamps. Features of these types of lamps include :

 • Has powerful color combinations

• Long life span

• High brightness

• Spread light beam uniformly

• Ability to direct light at any angle.

Export activities in Iran to target markets in central and neighborhood countries started several years ago and so far have exported many products including incandescent, fluorescent, low-energy and gas lamps and top quality Iranian brands to neighboring countries. Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Turkey. The high quality Iranian brands in their products have made significant progress in exporting.

Introduction of Best Led Lights Suppliers

Introduction of Best Led Lights Suppliers1. Radiviranor Manufacturing Company, having regard to the basic need of the country for high quality goods in the field of lighting products and with an approach to its organizational mission that is optimization in energy consumption as well as environmental protection, has its main goal in presenting products and in In the near future, the production  of these products has been put to the benefit of world-class technology.

2. Ciman Electronic Industries Company started its projects in the field of products and services from the 90s. CIMARAN ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY is now the first manufacturer of central antenna accessories, location alarms, audio and video opener, UPS, automatic doors, fire alarm systems and CCTV cameras. In recent years, with the development of industrial machinery and equipment, Cementar has embarked on new fields such as appliances, RFID-based systems, building intelligent systems, lamps and lighting equipment.
Products: Projector, Cylinder Built-in Panel, Built-in Circular Panel, Built-in Glass Round Panel, Bubble LED, Wall Washer and Sensor Lights.

3. Arusha’s lamp hopes to be able to expand its operations by using state-of-the-art of cheap projector lights technology and skilled management. The company started its activity in year 5 and has succeeded in producing various products.

4. Nourian Iranian Time Company started its activity in the year of production of all kinds of light bulbs and electronic ballasts. Using the most modern production lines and the most equipped laboratory for quality control and training, employing skilled and knowledgeable personnel, using the most quality parts and raw materials, and collaborating with internationally recognized companies to produce quality and long lasting products. It has the highest optical efficiency, which is one of the honors of this company today.

Buy & Sell Led Lights at Affordable Price

As you know, LED lampsand led projector price do not have a fixed tariff and the price of lamps depends on different factors. Here’s a look at the factors affecting the price of LED bulbs.

Some of the factors that can reduce or increase the price of LED lamps include:

     Buyer price and main player of LED lamps
     Voltage of LED bulbs or the same amount of watts of LED bulbs
     Type and model of LED lamps
     Brand and manufacturer of LED lamps
     Lamp size and dimensions
     Flickr or swing lamp
    solar marine light power
     Heat sink
     LED chip which is an important factor in LED lamp exposure.

3 Best Led Lights Distributors around the World

3 Best Led Lights Distributors around the WorldUSA and Canada and China,  supplies high efficiency LED products across the world. We rely on a trusted global network of local LED lighting distributors and wholesalers to ensure that our business operates effectively. Since we want to become the best LED lighting company in the world, we are always looking for ambitious partners who share our business goals and want to come best LED lighting distributors and wholesalers.

Wholesale Led Lights Price List For Traders

Established in 2010 , we are a leading china retailer of led lights, offering a wide range of spotlights, light bulbs and strip lights. All of our products are manufactured  to highest quality, giving you the best value for money. We are open to both the public and businesses in the trade.

We try and keep solar tower flasher led light price as low as possible so we can give you the best price on the market for the best items. Each of our products have an RRP which allows you to see the massive saving you’ll be making from purchasing at Wholesale led dock lights.

How To Produce High-Quality Led Lights?

How To Produce High-Quality Led Lights?Manufacturing: How LEDs are made

LED manufacturing is a delicate and complex issue, but we will do our best to wrap it up. Semiconductor materials must first be produced. This is called a semiconductor wafer. The semiconductor material “grows” in a high pressure chamber at high temperature. Elements such as gallium, arsenic, and / or phosphorus are mixed in the filtrate and then mixed into a concentrated solution. After mixing the elements, the rod is inserted into the solution and gently removed. The solution crystallizes at the bottom of the rod when detached and forms a long cylindrical crystalline bullet.

The material is then cut into semiconductor slices and shredded as you wish on a table until the surface is smooth. It is then immersed in various solvents for careful cleaning to get rid of any dust, dust or organic matter.

In the next step of the process, additional layers of semiconductor material are added to the wafer. This is a way to add impurities or dupants.

Then the metal contacts are defined on the semiconductor. This is determined at the design stage and takes into account whether the diode is used separately or with others.

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