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Factory Outlet LED Filament Lamps Best Price

The incandescent light bulbs with filaments inside are not common these days. They look very nostalgic and classic. They are beautiful in their own ways. However, they used to consume a lot of energy.

There are new kinds of filament lamps which work with LED technology. The filaments are LED lights. Unlike the old lamps they do not consume much electricity at all.

They have an especial look in every house and are used for many decorative purposes, too.

LED filament lamps
LED filament lamps have the technology and the beauty

LED filament lamps have the technology and the beauty

Bringing old looks in houses is very common these days. With new technologies everything has changed. These changes are becoming tiring and mind blowing.

Therefore, making the house look like the old days is very relaxing in many cases. One of the ways to do so is using LED filament lamps.

LED filament lamps just look like the old ones but uses the latest technology of lights. having the look and the technology at the same time is a nice coincident.

The old filaments used to have a warm light. The LED filaments have the same warm light even more pleasant. Even the white light is warm and not overwhelming at all.

led filament lamps
LED lights have especial features

LED lights have especial features

Eyes are always exposed to light either from the sun or from the artificial lights. In both cases there are some worries about the eyes. Most lights have UV rays which eventually dry and burn the eyes.

New LED light, however, have less or no UV rays which are very eye friendly. Using new LED lights are very important for evert ones’ eye health.

LED lights are compatible with smart technologies. There are smart switches than can turn the lights on and off with the help of smart cell phones.

They are also compatible with dimmers. Dimmers can set the brightness of lights. increasing or decreasing the brightness of lights is an interesting option.

LED filament lamps
Energy efficiency and other interesting features

Energy efficiency and other interesting features

Old filament lamps were very energy consuming. Consuming a lot of electricity means paying more in electricity bills. The new LED filaments are vice versa, though.

The LED filament lamps are very energy efficient. It is so because the filaments inside the bulbs are LED lights. They use at least seventy percent less energy but have the same brightness in old lamps.

The other interesting thing about the LED filaments is that they not get hot like the old kinds. There is a low power LED chip which helps the light to have a lower temperature. It is a defining factor in the lifespan of LED lights.

The LED lights in LED filament lamps work for many years. The old lamps used to work for a year or two at last. But with LED lights inside the new filament lamps work for more than five years.

LED filament lamps
LED filament bulbs with different shapes

LED filament bulbs with different shapes

Filament bulbs do not look like each other much. They are all bulbs but with different shape and different usage. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Silver bowl filament bulbs with high luminosity and suitable for open fixtures
  • Edison filament bulbs which are very popular and suitable for decorations in many places
  • Tubular bulbs in different sizes which are suitable for wall scones and other kinds of fixtures
  • Victorian bulbs with the most nostalgic look suitable for decoration purposes
  • Globe bulbs which are very stylish and suitable for unique decoration ideas

All these variety of shapes let the users have a wide choice.

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