Low Price Waterproof LED light Bulbs

Waterproof LED light bulbs are very safe. Water and electricity together can cause horrible shocks. Therefore, waterproof LED light bulbs are the best choice.
There are always some parts of the house that could get wet. Places like the front door, the porch, the terrace, or the garden need to be protected from rain or any other water sources. The best protection is the light itself.
Waterproof LED light bulbs will not let any water inside and will prevent any electronic shock or short circuit.
All LED lights usually have a long lifespan. For example, an LED light work for at least 6 years. With waterproof technology on these lights, they may even work longer.

waterproof LED light bulbs
Healthy lights for your eyes

Healthy lights for your eyes

Our eyes are always exposed to light. During the day we see the sunshine and during the night we see the bulbs.
Without light we cannot see anything. Therefore, it is very important to provide healthy and sufficient light for our sight.
Old bulbs were very dangerous for our eyes. They were bright but hurting our eyes at the same level. With new lights like waterproof LED light bulbs there are no worries.
The new LED technology is no harm for your eyes and you can have them everywhere in your house to have bright night like a bright day.
In fact, LED light bulbs give out no UV rays. UV rays gradually burns the eye surface and results in further eye issues.
Therefore, NEW LED lights are perfect for your health because there are long hours that your eyes are in light exposure.

waterproof LED light bulbs
Outdoor lighting matters

Outdoor lighting matters

One of the best choices for your outdoor lighting is waterproof LED light bulbs. Your yard, for example, can be as bright as possible in any weather condition.
Rainy or not, waterproof LED light bulbs can be installed to help you have a better view of it.
These waterproof LED light bulbs are strong and soft enough at the same time. They could be of help to your CCTV cameras, if you have them, to have a better vision.

waterproof LED light bulbs
Reduce your electricity cost

Reduce your electricity cost

Old light bulbs needed a lot of energy to give you a lot of light. Therefore, people needed to buy lights with high wattage and in fact with high electricity usage to have enough brightness provide.
The story is different with waterproof LED light bulbs. LED lights are designed and made in a way to consume less energy and give out the most light.
An LED with 25 wattage, for instance, is equal with an old bulb with 150 wattage in brightness. It means to consume 150 wattage you can install six waterproof LED light bulbs instead of just one old light bulb. Here is a comparison:

  • 6-9 wat LED bulb equals 40 wat old bulb
  • 8-12 wat LED bulb equals 60 wat old bulb
  • 9-13 wat LED bulbs equals 75 wat old bulbs
  • 16-22 wat LED bulb equals 100 wat old bulb
  • 25-28 wat LED bulb equals 150 wat old bulb
waterproof LED light bulbs
Make outdoors beautiful

Make outdoors beautiful

Waterproof LED light bulbs are in different sizes, different colors, and different shapes.
LED light bulbs can be installed all over the yard, the garden, the porch etc. with different colors.
Beautiful colors will surely change your outdoor environment and atmosphere. Choosing colors wisely will for example make the place very relaxing.
When you are having an event in your house, the colors can make the atmosphere exciting, for instance.
The LEDs are also in different shapes likes circulars, triangles, etc. and different fantasy shapes. By choosing your favorite shape you can make your look very different.

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