affordable quality lighting| LED Light Bulbs For Sale

With global warming rising, all countries must help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. One of the factors that produce greenhouse gases is ordinary filament lamps or filament lamps.Many large lighting fixtures types companies, especially home lighting companies, are now focused on LEDs.

The only downside to LEDs is its relatively high price. But the biggest advantage of LEDs is its shelf life and affordable quality lighting. LEDs have 50,000 hours of useful life, while the useful life of fluorescent lamps is only 1000 hours, and the lifespan of fluorescents is 10,000 hours. Due to the many advantages of LEDs, these light sources will eventually replace other lamps.

affordable quality lighting| LED Light Bulbs For Sale

Which lighting are better?

Which lighting are better?The best light for home and work lighting that is compatible with the human body and eye and does not harm us. Indirect sunlight is the best in this regard. After
the sun, the best light source is LED technology; especially in the
last decade, with the widespread development of LED lighting products,
these products have been increasingly adapted to the human body and
vision system.

By using LED lighting
products at home and in the workplace, you will achieve high color
quality, beauty and flexibility and will be protected from mercury
contamination, ultra-violet light damage, and eye fatigue from
high-energy radiation.

Energt efficient lights for big places

Energt efficient lights for big placesCurrently, LED lamps are used in illuminating passages, streets and roads, decorating and beautifying passages, bridges and production halls, and factories and locations.These light sources are durable and save up to 90% energy, and this feature increases the technical and economic justification for using LEDs.

One of the reasons LED lighting is suitable for parking lots is the large area of these types of spaces. If LEDs are used, fewer bulbs can achieve affordable outdoor lighting and manage energy consumption. Another reason is beautification. LED fountain lights  is much better for beautifying the environment.
Reducing energy consumption is directly linked to lower production costs, and this is an important point for anyone who owns a business.

Most bright lights at wholesale price

Most bright lights at wholesale priceThe only downside to LEDs is its relatively high price. The price of LED varies by type, quality of light, power output, etc. and is in any case higher than equivalent to fluorescent or filamentary light sources, but obviously with its epidemic and increasing demand it will dramatically reduce prices. This will make it more economical to use.Its bulk purchase is another way to reduce the price of these bulbs.

Distributors and Exporters of LED lights in Iran

Distributors and Exporters of LED lights in IranSince the best solution in the world to save electricity in the lighting sector is to replace ultra-low power LED lamps, many manufacturers in Iran have established large factories to produce this product and sell it to the market.There are many manufacturers in Iran who, in order to prevent the importation of LED lamps, employ specialized and efficient Iranian forces in the shortest time to produce LED lamps and create jobs in addition to reducing currency outflows. In addition to meeting domestic demand, these manufacturers exported the product to various countries.

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