led parking lot lights| Best Manufacturers and Active dealers

Bad parking lot lighting outside a commercial building can cost a company a lot of business because parking lot light plays a crucial role in improving safety. People usually avoid dark parking lots at night because they do not feel safe. If the parking lot outside of a business premises is not well-lit, customers may drive to another location to do business, making a company to lose a lot of revenue. Here the led parking lot lights will come to our aid and we intend to introduce you to them.

led parking lot lights| Best Manufacturers and Active dealers

How much does a parking lot light cost?

How much does a parking lot light cost?Apart from the money you will save on electricity, LED parking lot lights will also allow you to save money on lighting maintenance. Because LEDs are solid-state lighting devices, the way they produce light is different – and they also progress through their useful life very differently from high intensity discharge lights.

 LEDs generate light through semiconductors while high intensity discharge lights used fuel sources to generate light. As the fuel gets diminished, the functionality of these lights goes down significantly. This is one of the reasons why LED fixtures have a longer lifespan than HID fixtures. These days, regular LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Higher-quality ones have a rated life of 100,000 hours. This means that you won’t have to replace them as frequently as HID lights.

As a result, these lights have many benefits. And buying them is not only an extra cost, it’s also a cost savings. The price of parking lights depends on many factors. These factors are the quality of the lamp, the manufacturer’s brand, the size of the lamp, and so on. And you have to buy one of these lights depending on your needs.

How tall are parking lot lights?

How tall are parking lot lights?while security cameras play a crucial role in preventing or lowering crime, they cannot do their job effectively in a dark or a dimly lit parking lot. These important security features don’t work well in a place with bad lighting. If you own or manage a parking lot, do not skimp on parking lot lighting. You’ll only have yourself to blame. Install eco-friendly and efficient LED parking lot lights. 

These lights have different types of solar led parking lot lights and wall mounted led parking lot lights lights. And each one has a different tall. Clearly, the bigger and darker your parking lot, the longer the lights should be. 

Different types of solar lights at low prices for parking lots

Different types of solar lights at low prices for parking lots

The pole-mounted lights that fill parking lots all over the country are not something many business owners think of, but it is something that they should think about because it can dictate how safe or unsafe a parking lot is at night – for customers, employees, visitors, and even passers-by.

Street lamps and solar projectors are the best option for lighting large garden areas, workshops, warehouses, parking lots and sidewalks. The economical justification for these lights is due to the elimination of the cost of cable, canal digging, insulation, switchgear and more.Different types of solar lights at low prices for parking lots Offered by many resellers. Also you can use solar lights for the led parking lot lights home depot.

Top 10 Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2019

Top 10 Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2019 People who want to visit your business premises at night may be afraid of doing so for fear of being mugged or getting injured. In movies, poorly lit parking lots are usually centers for criminal activity – because crime thrives in darkness. Such parking lots attract burglaries, robberies, vehicle break-ins, and even vehicle theft. There is poor visibility in these parking lots, which results in vehicle accidents as well as personal injuries.

Many brands nowadays produce lamps. But as we said, the best light depends on the size of your parking lot or storage area and the amount of darkness.

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