led spotlight bulbs| How to export LED Bulbs

led spotlight bulbs are the latest technologies in the production of light sources. This technology uses light emitting diodes to produce light. this products are capable of producing light in a variety of colors. If you have a company producing LED bulbs you have probably wondered how to export LED bulbs, You can read, research and chose the better way.

led spotlight bulbs| How to export LED Bulbs

What are the uses of spotlight bulb?

What are the uses of spotlight bulb?You might ask what is the use of a spotlight lamp? this spotlights can illuminate a particular distance from a distance. spotlight bulbs Used in homes to light the kitchen and in other places such as: workplaces, large areas, billboards and more that require focused or scattered light.

Another application of projectors is making more beautiful. These days, projectors are used to illuminate the facades of buildings, shops, and even in lighting and to attract the attention of small shops.

Different types of spotlights?

Different types of spotlights?Before we can say what the different types of spotlights are, first of all, there are generally two types of spotlights based on light diffraction: a spotlight with the ability to converge light at one point and another to diverge or diffuse light.

spotlight bulbs types based on the arrangement of LED light bulbs in an electronic circuit can be named as follows:

  • SMD spotlights 
  • COB spotlights 

COB spotlights emit less light due to the concentration and smallness of the COB LED lamp.
If you don’t need to throw too much light in the long distance, you can use SMD projectors. The price of SMS projectors is much lower than COBs.

Are LED Spotlights better?

Are LED Spotlights better?If you don’t know are LED spotlights better or not, You can search the best led spotlight bulbs in the internet and compare them in terms of price, amount of electricity consumed, lifetime, shape, type of consumption and so on.

LED spotlights can easily be replaced by older models such as metal halide, sodium vapor, low power and so on.

Why LED bulbs are more cheaper?

Why LED bulbs are more  cheaper?Do you know why LED bulbs are more cheaper?
The price of the lamp is not only a measure of the cheapness of the product, but we must also consider or light output of the product.

The measure of buying a projector or lamp in the past was power consumption. For example, we would buy a 100 W or 200 W bulb. 100 Watts is the power consumption of a projector. But what’s important is how much light a light bulb generates per 100 watts of energy.

The amount of light produced by the lamp is measured in LUMENS. So pay attention to the brightness when buying an LED spotlight or projector.

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