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projector light for sale

What is a projector or spotlight?

Projectives are light sources that emit a lot of light. Projection screens are another lighting industry product that can be viewed on the market.

Application of projector or spotlight

Usually used in high-area environments. Other uses include the beauty of places, use in concerts and showrooms, wedding halls, large gardens, halls and sports grounds, for advertising, and so on. Elliptical projectors and followers for theater amphitheater, or Projectors Flood, are also available for broadcasting ambient light, cyclomanum and linear border strips. Also, LED lights or smart lights and spotlights are available in a variety of colors.

projector light for sale| Major distributor in the world

10 tips for importing projector light 2019

10 tips for importing projector light 2019projector light for sale


Projectors are great lights that can be used to illuminate large spaces such as large buildings. It can also be used as a projector and used to decorate the building by lighting or turning on billboards. Another use of projectors to illuminate squares and sports halls.

Metal halide projector

Metal halide projector is made of quartz or ceramic double glazed. The exterior of the metal halide projector also has the ultimate protection against UV protection. Inside the inner bubble of this lamp, in addition to slightly mercury, there is a halogenated salt (metal halide such as sodium iodide, indium iodide and thallium iodine). Breaking the outer bubble is very dangerous and can cause serious damage to the human eye and skin. In the market, sometimes these lamps are also called helium bulbs.

20 best outdoor projector light models

20 best outdoor projector light models

Metal halide lamps have the highest rate of color recognition and are used in places where light color recognition is required, such as sports fields, lighting facades, large buildings, etc. Metal halide projector with white and brilliant light along with A very good color and acceptable efficiency can be one of the most suitable lighting products. These types of lamps have been produced in the range of 20 to 2000 watts, which have lower light-intensity lamps in indoor lighting and medium-power lamps (150-250-400) for lighting the workshops as well as urban highways and high-power lamps in other applications such as Sports stadiums, very large enclosures, etc. Metal Hallydi projectors in outdoor spaces can be used to illuminate large volumes.

where to buy projector light in Dubai?

where to buy projector light in Dubai?projector lamps price

Sodium steam projector

Sodium Vapor Projector Sodium Projector in its building uses sodium and neon gas. These lamps can operate at both low pressure and high pressure, and are divided into two groups of low-pressure sodium lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps. These lamps are suitable for lighting urban and interurban fountains, or with dust and places that people do not travel long term, but they are not suitable for use in sidewalks, shopping malls and parks.

In the sodium vapor projector, an electric discharge is performed in sodium gas. As a result, the light of these lamps will be yellow. The main difference between the projector and the metal halide projector is the fact that the metal halide projector creates a white light.

LED projector

LED projectors are used for lighting and exterior spaces. The LEDs have a variety of colors and customizability, which are of interest to designers and they are used in the design of the facade and outdoor spaces.

COB projector

COB projectors are subdivisions of LEDs. These types of projectors are available in a variety of sizes, which will be selected based on their type of space and information.

projector light price list with detail

projector light price list with detailprojector lamps cost

The LED projector can be used to illuminate large and large venues such as sports stadiums, large buildings, factories, warehouses, billboards, theater stage, or the concert performance stage. Another use of the projectors is to beautify. These days, they use projectors to illuminate the facades of buildings, stores, and even in lighting and attract attention of small shops. All projectors are named according to their bulbs, and they do not differ much in terms of body and appearance. In metal halide projector, metal halide lamp is used. The steam-sodium projectors, mercury vapor, low-power, and LEDs all have their own name lamps.

SMD projector

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device. SEM electronic components are very customizable parts that are used on most electronic devices of today. In SMD projectors, a large number of separate LEDs are packed with SMD packaging.

COB projector

COB stands for Chips On Board. This type of LED projector has a single chip and generates all light in a small area. For low light angle, COBs are used with lenses. In some cases, the COB model lenses have better SMDs.

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